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Fantasy RPG - Music Starter Pack

Introducing our Fantasy RPG - Music Starter Pack, designed with game development in mind. Each composition is a portal to enchanting fantasy realms, tailored to transport players into the heart of your game. This starter pack has been carefully curated to infuse your game with the perfect ambiance.


What's inside:


3 captivating tracks, tailor-made for diverse in-game scenarios.


"Allegiance" - Fantasy Battle Music
"Forgotten" - Fantasy Dungeon Music
"Wanderer's Calm" - Fantasy Exploration Music


  • Each track is thoughtfully sectioned into small parts, enabling seamless looping for an uninterrupted player experience.
  • You also get all tracks in whole original form (as its released on music streaming platforms)
  • Guide for smooth integration into your game to ensure a flawless auditory adventure is included as well.


Elevate your gaming experience!

Technical details:
Audio file types: wav
Sample rate: 44,1kHz (wav)
Bit depth: 16bit
Additional: Stereo

Fantasy RPG - Music Starter Pack

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