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The Full Story

Sal Volumes s.r.o. is more than just a company. We're a passionate duo of music production and foley artists based in the heart of the Czech Republic. Founded in 2022 by Vojtech Müller and Ondrej Krejcík, our journey began with a shared love for sound, music, and the desire to craft immersive audio experiences. 

Vojtech's original venture, Salt City Studio, set the stage for our creative journey. However, it was the meeting of minds with Ondrej, who had already made waves in the European electronic music scene under the alias A-Cray, that truly set our path in motion. Together, we realized the potential of blending orchestral and electronic elements to create something truly harmonious and unique.

Our vision didn't stop at music. It encompassed the entire auditory world....


At Sal Volumes, our core team consists of two members: Vojtech and Ondrej. Vojtech's focus lies in composition and orchestral music, while Ondrej's electronic music prowess and sound design experience bring a unique edge to our work. Together, we create a harmonious symbiosis of orchestral and electronic elements, breathing life into every project.



Our larger studio, Heaven, is the hub of creativity. Specialized in foley recording, voiceover acting, and surround mixing, it boasts three distinct spaces. One room, dedicated to foley recording, is where we work our magic, creating authentic and original sounds. An adjoining warehouse houses a treasure trove of items for foley recording, ensuring we can capture the perfect sound for every project. Finally, our main studio is equipped with a 5.1 setup and professional digital tools, making it the epicenter of our orchestral and electronic compositions.


Our second studio, aptly named Hell, may be smaller in size but packs a powerful punch. Here, we handle stereo mixing, mastering, and compose unique sounds in our main DAW system, Cubase. Hell is where our sonic experiments come to life, adding depth and dimension to our work.


At Sal Volumes, our guiding principle is clear: "Don't be afraid to experiment, Nurture Creativity." This philosophy encourages us to fearlessly explore new horizons, fostering a culture of creativity that leads us to discover the perfect emotion and sound for each project.


Our biggest dream is to contribute our unique sounds and compositions to major films and game titles, making a lasting impact on the world of audio production. We're fueled by our passion and hunger for knowledge.


Every day is an opportunity to learn something new, ensuring that our services remain at the forefront of innovation and creativity in the audio production industry. We embrace experimentation with sound, understanding that even "imperfect" sounds can reveal valuable insights and contribute to our ongoing quest for excellence.

Join Us

That's us-a passionate team ready to collaborate and create. Let's work together and bring your auditory visions to life!
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