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Books - SFX Pack

Introducing our newest sound package - Books - specially curated for game development!


The "Books" sound package is suitable for a wide range of game genres, from educational games that teach children to read, to adventure games that take players on an epic journey through a magical world of stories. The sounds are also perfect for game trailers, cutscenes, and other promotional materials.


With over 300 unique sounds, this package offers a range of options to choose from - whether it's the rustling of pages, the sound of a quill scratching on parchment, or classics like opening, closing... These sounds are designed to add depth and realism to your game's environment, enhancing the overall gaming experience for your players.

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Technical details:

Audio file types: wav / mp3
Sample rate: 48kHz (wav) / 320kbps (mp3)
Bit depth: 24bit
Additional: Mono

Books - SFX Pack

  • Preview

    The “Books” sound package is a versatile collection of high-quality sounds designed for game development. With over 300 unique sounds to choose from, the package can be used in every game possible.

    Preview of the Soundpack:

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